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Juicy J “Bandz A Make Her Dance” remains at #1 due to the late stations putting this record into a power.


Miguel “Adorn” celebrates its final week at the #2.


Kendrick Lamar “Swimming Pools” ranks at #3 & is less than 200 spins away & will reach #1 by either tomorrow 11/20 or Wednesday 11/21.


Frank Ocean “Thinkin’ About You” ranks at #5 & is over 370 spins away from “Swimming Pools”.


Kelly Rowland “Ice” gains the highest jump inside the top 10 ranking at #7, passes with almost a plus 500 spins moving past Lil Wayne “No Worries” 


Lil Wayne “No Worries” ranks at #8, moving up 2 spaces from Monday.


Rick Ross “Diced Pineapples” though on the chart is ranked #11 this morning, is actually #10 in Mediabase real time vs. a dying Trey Songz “Dive In” record.


Chris Brown “Don’t Judge Me’ ranks at #12, falling 500 spins behind the #10 ranking.


Meek Mill “Young & Getting It” ranks at #14 passing the struggling Alicia Keys “Girl On Fire” record which ranks at #15


TI “Ball” ties with Kelly Rowland “Ice” with having the biggest jump in ranking inside the top 20 moving up 4 spaces to land at #18 with over 300 spins last week.


Ciara “Sorry” lands at #22. “Sorry” is 100 spins away from a DJ Drama “My Moment” which is dying a BDS’s death at #20 & a struggling on Urban Rihanna record which ranks at #21.


Wiz Khalifa “Remember You” ranks at  #24, keeping ahead of #25 Cash Out “Hold Up”.


Game “Celebration” stays alive at #26 this week


Keyshia Cole “Trust & Believe” ranks at #27 less than30 spins away from its counterpart ranking at #27


2 Chainz “I’m Different” is the 2nd most played record this week gaining the biggest jump in ranking inside the top 30 moving up 9 spaces to rank at #28.


Miguel “Do You” is the 3rd most played record with over 300 spins. “Do You” will help bring down the “Adorn” spins which will assist Kendrick Lamar “Swimming Pools” in gaining #1.


Big Sean “Guap” ranks at #36 with over 200 spins, just 100 spins shy of ranking at #30


Omarion “MIA” & Joe Budden “She Don’t Put it Down Like You” are both at 150 spins coming from impact week last week



Rihanna “Diamonds” is over 1000 spins ranking at #2 less than 50 spins from #1 ranking Ne Yo “Let Me Love You”


Miguel “Adorn” ranks at #3, 300 spins shy of Rihanna “Diamonds”


Nicki Minaj “Va Va Voom” has the highest jump in ranking moving up 5 spaces to land at #12. “Va Va Voom” is also the 2nd most played record on Crossover

with over 650 spins


Justin & Nicki “Beauty & the Beat” is the 3rd most played record with over 540 plays last week on  & has the highest jump in ranking moving up 14 spaces to land at #23.



Miguel “Adorn” ranks at #1 with no threat of another record coming for the top ranking.


Charlie Wilson “My Love is All I Have” ranks inside the top 10 at #9 is the most played record on Urban AC for the 3rd week in a row


Avant feat. Keke Wyatt “You & I” ranks at #8 with over 180 spins last week.


Melanie Fiona “Wrong Side of A Love Song” ranks at #14 with over 130 spins last week


TOP 40

Ke$ha “Die Young” falls short of #1 held by Maroon 5 “One More Night” by over 1000 spins despite gaining almost 3000 spins last week.


Bruno Mars “Locked Out of Heaven” ranks at #9 with 1700 spins last week


Justin Bieber “Beauty & the Beat” has the biggest jump in ranking moving up 6 spaces to land at #17 with over 2300 spins from last week


Lumineers “Ho Hey” lands inside the top 20 at #19 with 1700 spins last week.


Pink “I Try” continues to grow moving up 6 spaces to land at #24 this week with 1500 spins.



#MediabaseMonday Presented by @MediabaseMonday @DaveHouseWHW #WHOOOOSHOUSE

Here is your Mediabase Monday Report – November 12, 2012



Juicy J “Bandz A Make Her Dance” is #1 on Urban 3rd week in a row.


Kanye West “Clique” falls at #3 this week & has to reach #1 before “that damn” #2 record Miguel “Adorn” becomes #1 again. Miguel “Adorn” is a research monster that will always come back from familiar and will be hard to get out of the top 5 before 2012 is over.


Kendrick Lamar “Swimming Pools” exceeds my counterparts prediction and falls at #5 this week, having the biggest jump inside the top 10 moving up 4 spaces from last week. “Swimming Pools” is also the most played record of all records that are ranked inside the top 10 this week.


With “Swimming Pools” making a huge jump to top 5, Frank Ocean “Think About You” will be dying a BDS’s death if it doesn’t hold this week. The moreLil Wayne “No Worries” grow, the weaker Frank Ocean “Thinkin’ About You” gets.


Rick Ross “Diced Pineapples” & Kelly Rowland “Ice” are taking baby steps toward the top 10, both are rounded off at 400 spins away from #10 Lil Wayne “No Worries” but at a snails pace of an average 180 spins per week.


Alicia Keys “Girl On Fire” needs to be at least top 10 record on Urban to sell the new album. “Girl On Fire” is ranked at #14 & is over 900 spins from #10 with a fire Chris Brown “Don’t Judge” record right behind “Girl On Fire” ranking at #15. Alicia Keys has to watch Chris Brown’s Mediabase while catching up with Rick Ross.


Ludacris “Representin’” is less than 200 spins from a dying Meek Mill “Young & Getting It” record but has to watch for a growing The Weeknd “Wicked Games” DJ Drama “My Moment” records, respectively.


TI “Ball” is the most played record on the Urban chart this week. It is less than 100 spins from #20 DJ Drama “My Moment” & 500 spins from #15 Chris Brown “Don’t Judge Me”


Wiz Khalifa “Remember You”Ca$h Out “Hold Up”, & Ciara “Sorry” are all 400 spins away from #20, The record with the most momentum will reach #20 first while the one with less research will die a BDS death like the dying Rihanna “Diamonds” record & Usher “Dive”


Future “Neva End” gains the biggest jump outside the top 30 since last Monday falling to fall inside the top 30 at #29.


Outside the URBAN top 30


Young Jeezy “Get Right” needs more than the 33 markets on title so this record can catch up to Future “Neva End”. Plus this record is about to loseMacon, GA.


Big Sean “Big Guap” & 2 Chainz “I’m Different” are both had strong mixshow weekends. Big Sean coming off a good add week last week has 25 new markets on title, 2 Chainz gaining 9 new markets.


Yo Gotti “Check” & the surprisingly good Chief Keef “Love Sosa” record both had good mixshow weekends both record over 130 spins. “Love Sosa”gained over 18 new markets from last week.




Miguel “Adorn” is 600 spins from being #1 & the record is at a pace of gaining over 600 spins per week on Crossover.


Rihanna “Diamonds” is the most played record on the Crossover chart ranked at the top 3 & is 400 spins from Miguel “Adorn”


Justin Beiber “As Long As You Love Me” gets the Turbo from Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo falling down a flight a steps Award for the week. The record fell from #2 to land at #7 this week.


Nicki Minaj “Va Voom” earns the biggest jump in rank this week by landing at #15 moving up 12 spaces from last Monday


John Hart “Who Booty” is a top 20 record on Crossover, 20 spins from the dead Rita Ora “RIP” record.





Mary J. Blige “Don’t Mind” is ranked at #3 this week & is 400 spins from the #1 Miguel “Adorn” record.


Faith Evans “Tears of Joy” lands at #9 this week & is the most played record inside the top 10 leading Mary J. Blige “Don’t Mind” by 6 spins this week,


Charlie Wilson “My Love Is All I Have” is ranked at #11 & is the most played record on the chart this week at 300 spins & is less than 40 spins from theFaith Evans “Tears of Joy” record


TOP 40


Ke$ha “Die Young” lands at #5 this week & is the most played record inside the top 10 at over 1600 spins last week.


Justin Beiber/Nicki Minaj “Beauty & the Beat” lands at #22, this week & is the most played record on the Top 40 chart


Pink “Try” maintains the biggest jump to land at #29 this week moving up 12 spaces from last Monday.



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